The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 22, July 1918 - April, 1919

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly

DE AUSTIN, 1828-1832
[p. 39] The following relief bill was approved and the Presi-
dent authorized to pay the same out of any moneys not otherwise
To Francis W. Johnson, for services rendered by him; as
clerk, in a criminal prosecution..................... $ 62.50
To Thomas H. Borden, for his services as Surveyor to the
Municipality, in laying off out lots .................. 52.94
Total amt. $115.44
The President was authorized to pay the salary of the acting
Secretary, at the expiration of the first quarter, according to the
order of his appointment.
The Ayuntamto adjourned until 8 o'clock to morrow morning.
Thursday 5th Oct. 1830 at 8 o'clock A. M. the Ayuntamto met
according to adjournment of yesterday Present the same as before.
The Sindico, Procurador represented to this body, the murder
committed this, morning by one Thomas Jefferson Pryor on the
person of one Peter Andrews of this town, and the escape of the
murdered, the exertions of the civil and military authorities for
his apprehension notwithstanding: Whereupon it was ordered,
that the President be authorized and required, to, offer a Reward
of Two HI-undred Dollars and all necessary expences paid, for the
apprehension and delivery into the custody of the Alcalde of this
Jurisdiction the aforesaid [p. 40] Pryor that he may be dealt with
according to law, and that the public Justice may not remain vio-
lated with impunity.4
The ordinance No. 6 relative to Horse raicing was presented
discussed and approved.
"This murder was the subject of a thoughtful editorial in the Texas
Gazette of October 9, 1830, condemning the practice of carrying weapons.


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