The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 22, July 1918 - April, 1919

318 The Southwestern, Historical Quarterly
I. Printed Works
A. Bibliographies.
B. Source materials.
a. Continuing sets.
b. Original narratives edited by historical scholars and
published separately or in other than California sets.
C'. Periodicals.
D. Books.
a.. Important works on the background of California his-
(a). Approaches of the Spaniards.
(b). Approaches of the English and Russians.
(c). The American conquest of California, ac-
cording to the narratives of eye-witnesses.
b. Important general histories of California and notable
c. Historical works, of a somewhat popular character, on
special subjects.
d. Popular general histories of California in one volume.
e. Historical works on other subjects, but containing
abundant material on California, history.
f. Works which are descriptive, rather than historical, but
which are of value for the general public.
II. Manuscripts
A. Guides to manuscript materials.
13. The Bancroft Library.
C. Public archives in California.
D. Archives beyond the State.
I. Printed Works
The number of printed works which directly touch upon Cali-
fornia in such a way as to make them worthy of consideration as
materials for the history of the state is very great. Moreover,
an incalculably vast number deal at least to some extent with
California. Cowan and Bancroft (both referred to hereinafter)
have, respectively, about a thousand and three thousand items in
their bibliographies, although the latter includes manuscripts as
well as printed works. These numbers, however, are far from

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