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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 22, July 1918 - April, 1919

Minutes of the Ayuntamiento of San Felipe de Austin, 353
DE AUSTIN, 1828-1832
LIST of Copies of documents archieved which copies were drawn
by said Fisher and Certified by him as secy pro tem of the Ayunto.
as well official letters and decrees as other papers, all of which he
done secretly and without the knowledge of the Alcalde or Ayun-
tamto and without doubt for the purpose of creating confusion
and excitement
19 Nineteen copies of official letters directed by the Alcalde to
the Chief of Department and other authorities.
21 Twenty one copies of official letters directed to the Alcalde
and Ayunto. by the Chief of Department and other fune-
6 Six copies of the memorandums of correspondence received
by the Alcalde from the Chief of Department.
4 four copies of the acts of the Ayuntamto.
2 two copies of decrees of the Legislature One of No 128 and
one of No. 62.
2 two copies one of the notice of the Empresario Austin of
20th nov 29 and the other the regulation of the Commis-
sioner genl Juan Auto. Padilla respecting surveying
The meeting [p. 49] adjourned until the ] 8th day of the present
Thos. Barnett
Samuel M. Williams
Secy pro tem
In the town of San Felipe de Austin on the 18th of October
1830. The members of the Ayunto. met this day pursuant to a
request of the prest. present Thomas Barnett prest. Jesse H.
Cartwright 2d regidor Walter C. White 3d Regidor and William
Pettus Sindico procurador. The president required the secretary
pro tern to read over the act of the 16th instant inasmuch as the

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