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My Recollections of O. Henry (W. S. Porter)

He liked his work very well, I think, in the Land Office.
He was always drawing pictures; was a natural artist. There is a
map i. the Land Office now with pictures all around it he drew --
Kendall County, I think. He drew it, then ornamented it vith
pictures of cowboy scenes, roping cattle, and different people.
He was there two or three years; he quit the Land Office
before Hall did. I don't 1ow why. It is my recollection that
he came from the Land Office to work for us. He wrote a beautiful,
even, symettrical hand. I think John got hir to work there. I was
away from home most of the time those days, travelling for the
He kept books, made maps, tracings, blue prints, general
work around the office. He had a small salary; i think about a
hundred dollars a month; pretty good in those days.
* He was Compiling Draftsman when he made that map in the
Land Office. Made about a hundred or a hundred and twenty five
dollars a month,I think,there.
I don't recollect every talking to him very much in the
Land Office; just pass the time of day with him when I viould have
business at his desk.
One time I know that your Aunt Molly gave a big party
to Cora Savage, our niece, and he kindly illustrated the table cards
with pen and ink drawings. I remember one distinctly that he drew
was a young fellow serenading a girl, singing "I bring thee an ivy
leaf.' An old fellow threw open an up stairs window, stuck his
head out and yelled "Dmt, put it on the steps and leave!" The
others were on that line. Of course, he was at -1e party. He
didn't care much about social life, but when he got there,and
you got him warmed up and melted out, he was all right. He was too
retiring to be the life of the party.
He drew the pictures on plain cards, cut them diagonally;
played euchre at the party and
partners were found by matching the cards to make the picture,
Whatever took his fancy, he put on the card; he could sketch off
half a dozen in an hour's time, free hand drawing.
He abhorred a pun.
Two or three women around this town claim they are old
sweethearts of Porter's. He never had but one sweetheart here tht
I knew anything about and that was Athal Estes. He went with
Paul Haynie too, friends.

Frank Maddox. My Recollections of O. Henry (W. S. Porter). Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 5, 2016.

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