The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 44, July 1940 - April, 1941

The forty-fourth annual meeting of the Association was held
in Austin on April 26-27. At the same time the first annual
meeting of the Junior Historians was also held. The program
for both organizations appears below.
The second annual book auction was a real success, attended
by book lovers from all parts of the state. The gross proceeds
amounted to about $900. Since practically all books were con-
tributed, the Association realized more than $800 net. The
auction promises to be one of the most attractive features. Its
effect in stimulating book collecting is sure to have a beneficial
effect on the demand for books about Texas. The Association
is indebted to all those who contributed to the success of the
auction, either by gift or purchase. A list of the donors fol-
lows. If the name of any donor is omitted, he is requested
to communicate with the secretary.

Miss Winnie Allen
Mrs. Ruth Averitte
Dr. Eugene C. Barker
Dr. R. L. Biesele
Mr. E. L. Blair
Mr. R. B. Blake
Mr. Vernon Blake
Mr. Frank Caldwell
Dr. Bailey Carroll
Miss Melissa Castle
Mr. J. M. Caviness
Judge R. C. Crane
Col. M. L. Crimmins
Mr. Harbert Davenport
Mr. Dudley Dobie
Miss Frances Donecker
Mr. J. C. Dykes
Mr. Claude Elliott
Mr. Chris Emmett
Mr. Dan Ferguson
Rev. Paul J. Foik
Mr. Lewis Gannett
Dr. Samuel E. Gideon
Mrs. Sallie Glasscock
Mr. Frank Glenn
Dr. James K. Greer
Mr. Jac. L. Gubbels

Dr. Charles W. Hackett
Mrs. Perle Perkins Harper
Mr. George Hill
Mr. W. R. Hogan
Mr. Paul Horgan
Mr. Boyce House
Mr. A. J. Houston
Mr. J. Marvin Hunter
Miss Mary Kate Hunter
Mrs. Carrie Franklin Kemp
Mr. L. W. Kemp
Mr. Edward L. Lyman
Mr. Stanley Marcus
Mayor Maury Maverick
Mr. Tom L. McCullough
Dr. E. T. Miller
Mr. W. L. Moore
Dr. P. I. Nixon
Mr. Jno. Owens
Mrs. Hallie Bryan Perry
Mr. R. K. Phillips
Mr. W. A. Philpott, Jr.
Mrs. R. F. Pray
Mr. Harold Rein
Dr. Rupert N. Richardson
Dr. Carl M. Rosenquist
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Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 44, July 1940 - April, 1941. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 28, 2016.

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