The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 44, July 1940 - April, 1941

Documents Relating to Pierre Laffite

I remit to Your Excellency the first pattern of the new flag
for the Ships of State, and will later send the other two-the
merchant flag and the land flag.
[This being] everything that I am now able to communicate
to Your Excellency, I shall fulfill the duty of informing you
on all safe occasions of what happens from day to day.
God keep Your Excellency many years. New Orleans, De-
cember 4, 1815. Most Excellent Lord-Juan Mariano Picor-
nell-Most Excellent Lord Don Juan Ruiz de Apodaca.
No. 3. List of New Orleans contractors who were revealed
by Pierre Laffite as having agreed to furnish supplies to the
Mexican insurgents, being enclosure 4 in Apodaca to Valles-
teros, Havana, January 18, 1816.
Contractors for 9,000 saddles and 29,000 muskets at the
price of 12 pesos fuertes landed on the coast; provided that they
[the Mexican insurgents] agree to treat with no other persons
than the following:
Harman, merchant.20
Nolte, id.21
Smit [h], id. 22
Duncan, id.28
Duplesis, customs administrator.24
Levinigston, lawyer.25
Grimes, id.26
Chevalier Dows of Natchez.27
Gilli, merchant.28
The Commodore or Marine Commandant of Orleans.29
Major Peyre, agents0
Habana, January 18, 1816.
It is a copy.
20No further identification.
21Vincent Nolte, author of Fifty Years in Both Hemispheres.
22Possibly Alexander Smith of Baltimore-but the Smiths are legion.
23Abner L. Duncan.
24Pierre L. B. Duplessis.
25Edward Livingston.
26John Randolph Grymes, former federal district attorney.
27No further identification.
2SNo further identification.
"Daniel T. Patterson.
s0Henry Peire.
MacMurray College.


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