The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 45, July 1941 - April, 1942

Translations from the Bixar Archives
The following translations were made from the original manuscripts in
the B4xar Archives. They are presented here in continuation of a series
of translations of documents dealing primarily with Spain's policy toward
the North American Indians. Other selections will appear in subsequent
In this document the royal attorney proposes reduction of salaries of
presidial soldiers stationed in northern Mexico in order to finance more
soldiers for Texas. Enlargement of Texas garrisons is deemed urgent
because the French have achieved renown among the wild tribes. As a
means of strengthening the friendship of the Indians, it is suggested that
presents should be given them consisting of things of small value.
Most Excellent Sir:
In fulfilment of the royal order dated June 11, 1718, if
it pleases Your Excellency, orders may be issued for 75 of
the enlisted men in the presidios of Nueva Vizcaya, who are
[quartered] in settlements or near towns, to be eliminated.
With the salary deposited for them in the sub-treasuries of Guad-
alaxara, Guadiana, Guanaxuato, Zacatecas, and Sombrerete, at
the rate of 450 pesos each annually, the same number may
be established in the province of New Philippines with the
salary of 400, which, I understand, is the [salary] enjoyed by
the 25 [soldiers] in the presidio of Texas. The rest [of the
deposit] may be used either for improvements or for salaries
of the officers that each of the companies to be maintained in
the presidios, yet to be constructed, is to have. Both [depos-
its] may be placed in the sub-treasury of Zacatecas, since
it is the nearest one. Your Excellency may thus instruct
the royal officials of that and the other four sub-treasuries in
order that they may not continue paying the salaries of those en-
listments which are suppressed. With this [change], there will
be 100 soldiers in that territory, who, since it is a frontier bor-
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