The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 45, July 1941 - April, 1942

VoL. XLV JANUARY, 1942 No. 3
Jonas Harrison was born October 11, 1777, in Woodbridge
Township, New Jersey, the son of William Harrison and his
second wife, Elizabeth. He died on his own headright near
Patroon, Shelby County, Texas, August 6, 1836. At Lewiston,
New York, in 1811, Jonas Harrison, aged 34, married Betsey
Cooke, aged 17, by whom he had three children: Jonas, who
died, unmarried, March 26, 1836, at Erie, Pennsylvania; Rachel,
who married Moses Hall Fitts and reared a large family in
California; James Cooke Harrison, born in Buffalo, New York,
December 14, 1819, and died there November 21, 1882, a man
of large fortune and great influence, a leading banker in the
Great Lakes shipping business. Mrs. Betsey Cooke Harrison
died in Governeur, New York, July 25, 1872, aged 78 years. She
was born June 30, 1794. James Cooke Harrison married May
Wilson Pearce, daughter of Lieutenant (U. S. N.) George Pearce
of Virginia, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Erie, Pennsylvania,
July 16, 1842. She died in Buffalo, June 11, 1891. Their daugh-
ter, Mary Pearce Harrison, born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Novem-
ber 12, 1849, married Griffin Stedman Williams, son of William
Williams, member of Congress and railroad president, in Trinity
Episcopal Church, Buffalo, December 20, 1871. Their son, Har-
rison Williams, Leesburg, Virginia, lawyer, historian, and gene-
alogist, has aided this research greatly with data for the New
York descendants of Jonas Harrison.
Jonas Harrison married Ellender Shannon in Georgia, June
26, 1820. She was the daughter of Owen Shannon of South
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