The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 47, July 1943 - April, 1944

FRONTIER, 1803-1814
General Henry Dearborn
Secretary of War.
[No place or date] 58
I have the honor to enclose you a Certificate from Colonel
Freeman of my having attended the Troops at Fort Claiborne
& during the time therein Specified.59 Col. Freeman has shown
me a letter from Col. Cushing saying that Doctor Slocum is Sent
to take Charge of the Sick in Consequence of some Complaints
Against me. I feel injured that Any Notice should have been
taken of complaints through an improper Channel. I performed
that service faithfully, & honestly as the Commanding Officer
& every other at this place will testify Capt. Wolstencraft ex-
cepted, who became Offended with me as he did with every
body Else who did not join him in Persecuting the late Capt.
Cooper. I am persuaded that no other person but Capt. Wol-
stencraft [Wollestoncraft] could have made Any Complaints
Against me, & that he did it from a Vindictive Malicious motive,
who, I believe to be more influenced by those than Any other
passions; & Wolstencraft [Wollestoncraft] of all mankind Ought
to be the last to injure me from the great obligations he has a
thousand times Acknowledged himself under to me; but I have
have before known those who would always perfer Cancelling
an obligation by a quarrel, to Any Just return that would Cost
58The War Department in recording the date when the letter was re-
ceived [February 6, 1808] gave the place and date-"Natchitoches, 29th
November, 1808."
'9Captain Turner with a detachment of troops took possession of Natchi-
toches on April 26, 1804. Soon afterwards, Doctor Sibley was appointed
contract surgeon to care for the troops, a position he held until November,
1808. Clarence Edwin Carter, Territorial Papers of the United States,
IX, 238, 367.
{ 160 ]

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