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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 47, July 1943 - April, 1944

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

The Writings of Sam Houston will stand alongside the Aus-
tin Papers, the Lamar Papers, the Texan Diplomatic Corre-
spondence, and the Official Correspondence of the Texan Revo-
lution. They cover a wide geographical sweep and touch more
aspects of American and state political history than do the
papers of either of Houston's great Texan contemporaries and
in consequence will be of value to a greater company of stu-
dents. True, they contain little that is new to Houston scholars
and nothing that necessitates a re-evaluation of Houston's
career; but the set assembles handily all of Houston's available
writings-many of which are of more than biographical sig-
Southern Methodist University
The Mission Era: The End of the Spanish Regime, 1780-1810,
being Volume V of Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519-
1936. By Carlos E. Castafieda. Austin (Von Boeckmann-
Jones Company), 1942. Pp. x+514. $5.00.
In this volume, as in preceding volumes, Professor Casta-
fieda's main sources are manuscript reports of missionaries,
soldiers, and explorers and correspondence of civil and military
officials in Texas and other parts of Mexico. His method is to
summarize these manuscripts in considerable detail, mainly in
chronological order, but also to some extent in relation to cer-
tain chosen topics.
As in previous volumes-and wisely down to 1810-the title
is interpreted generously to include the general history of Texas.
Wisely, because there would have been no general history of
Texas but for the activities of Catholic missionaries, Catholic
inhabitants, and Catholic administrators. At the same time,
it must be confessed that the reader sometimes finds it hard
to remember that he is reading a history of the Catholic church
in Texas. Since the work has reached the threshold of the
period during which the history of Texas and the history of
the church are no longer so nearly identical, the author would
serve his purpose admirably by beginning the forthcoming
Volume VI with an introductory chapter reviewing and inte-
grating the specific aims and accomplishments of the church
in Texas and the ecclesiastical organizations through which its


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 47, July 1943 - April, 1944. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed October 6, 2015.