The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 47, July 1943 - April, 1944

In order to crystallize growing popular interest in local his-
tory, a Committee to Publicize American History has been ap-
pointed by Edward P. Alexander, president of The American
Association for State and Local History. Christopher Crittenden
is chairman, and the following are members: Herbert A. Kellar,
Douglas C. McMurtrie, S. K. Stevens, Mrs. Herbert P. Gambrell,
David C. Duniway, William G. Roelker, Culver H. Smith, Roy
F. Nichols, Lester J. Cappon, Bertha E. Josephson, Floyd C.
Shoemaker, George N. Fuller, H. Bailey Carroll, Dorothy C.
Barck, Arthur Pound, and Morris Bishop.
The Committee seeks practical suggestions from all interested
persons as to how it may be of service to the local historian, so
that he may better present his subject to the public. The follow-
ing methods have been suggested as workable means of pub-
licizing American history.
1. By more and better teaching of local history in the schools, colleges
and universities.
2. Through the newspapers.
3. By magazine articles.
4. By radio.
5. Through historical displays.
6. Through historical museums.
7. By the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, and the
marking of historic sites.
8. Through historical plays and pageants.
Any comments on this program should be addressed to Chris-
topher Crittenden, Chairman of the Committee to Publicize
American History, Box 1881, Raleigh, N. C.
Through the kindness of Miss Elizabeth G. Patterson, 2 Elm
Street, Cooperstown, New York, there has been presented to
the Association a beautiful copy of the General Regulations for
the Government of the Army of the Republic of Texas (Houston,
1839). The book was presented as a gift from the library and
collection of the late Brigadier General John H. Patterson of
the United States Army, a resident of Cooperstown. This is a

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