The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, July 1944 - April, 1945

Letters and Oocumets
OpeHig Routes to El Paso, 1849
Contributed by C. L. GREENWOOD
upon the practicability of a Route from Austin
to El Paso del Note*
AUSTIN, TEXAS, June 18th, 1849.
To the Editor Texas Democrat,
SIR: Having accompanied Major Robert S. Neighbors in his expedition
to El Paso, I have deemed the following statement, prepared from notes
taken by him and myself, might be of some interest to the public.
The party consisting of Maj. Neighbors, D. C. Sullivan, A. D. Neal,
and myself, with the following Indians under the control of Jim Shaw,
Interpreter, namely: John Harry, a Delaware, Joe Ellis and Tom
Cooshattee, Shawnees; and Patrick Goin, a Choctaw, left the North
Bosqu6 Settlement, on the 23rd March, 1849. Maj. Neighbors employed
Buffalo Hump, a Camanche War Chief, to pilot us and paid him in ad-
vance. Business in connection with his office of Indian Agent required his
presence in the Camanche camps, on the head waters of the Leon. The
transaction of different affairs, detained us several days.-The camp of
Shanaco, a principal chief, was reached on the 2nd April. He was on the
waters of the Colorado. Here Buffalo Hump began to frame excuses for
not proceeding, and ended in refusing to accompany the expedition. After
unceasing endeavors, the services of Guadalupe, a Captain of one of the
upper bands, were secured. On the 5th April, with our new guide, and the
addition of two Camanche Squaws to our party, we set forward-following
up Brady's Creek, a westerly course, to its head, across to the South
Concho; thence crossing its tributaries to the head of the main Concho,
*This report is taken from The Texas Democrat (Austin), June 23,
1849, p. 2, c. 3-4 and p. 3, c. 1; in addition to the items reprinted here
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