The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, July 1944 - April, 1945

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

certain brands, such as LX, Frying Pan, Box T, Mill Iron, V,
and T Anchor.
It is presumed that Miss Hamner used all available printed
sources, such as newspapers and secondary publications, but
no direct references to them are cited. She gives the names of
individuals who read the manuscript in its entirety, and a
number were listed who read the materials for each ranch. Two
maps and numerous pictures add to the value and attractiveness
of the book. The University of Oklahoma Press has added an-
other attractive volume to its growing list of publications.
College of Mines
Dictionary of American Biography. Harris E. Starr (ed.). New
York (Charles Scribner's Sons), 1944. Volume XXI (first
supplement). Pp. 718.
The first supplementary volume of DAB, a worthy successor
to volumes 1-20, contains 652 memoirs by 358 contributors,
and brings the collection to December 31, 1935. Most of the
subjects died in the period subsequent to that covered in pre-
vious volumes, but there are a few who died in the earlier
period. The editor fully realized the difficulty of evaluating
almost-contemporary figures, but the selection has been well
done. In thumbing through this volume one encounters but a
few transient figures. This supplement includes biographies of
some of the greatest Americans of all times, among them Jane
Addams, Thomas Alva Edison, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. It
includes as well some of the accidental great, Anton Joseph
Cermak and Calvin Coolidge, and some of the notorious, Lizzie
Borden and John Dillinger. Patrons of a historical journal will
find useful and of interest the numerous biographies of his-
torians, among them Ephraim Douglas Adams, James Henry
Breasted, Walter Lynwood Fleming, and Ulrich Bonnell Phillips.
Texans as here noted include those born in Texas and those
who lived and worked in Texas. Wiley Post is the only one
included who was born in Texas but whose fame was uncon-
nected with the state of his birth. A number of army officers,
the most celebrated of them, Arthur McArthur, and the pro-
fessional reformer, Mary Elizabeth Lease, lived in Texas for
short periods without making any particular contributions to
the State.


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, July 1944 - April, 1945. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 24, 2016.

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