The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, July 1944 - April, 1945

Check List of reras Jmprits
Edited by E. W. WIN KLER
Editor's Note: The following is the ninth installment of Mr. Winkler's "Check List of
Texas Imprints, 1846-1876." In the first installment, which appeared in the April, 1943,
Quarterly, Mr. Winkler requests any person having knowledge of any additional item which
should appear on the list to write him care of The University of Texas Library, Austin 12,
Texas. It is expected that any information thus received will be utilized in subsequent re-
printings of this biblography.
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Tarrant county, Texas. Citizens.
To the Hon. the Senate & House of Representatives, of the
State of Texas. . .. [Petition asking for a relocation of the
county site of Tarrant county.] Tarrant county, Texas, May,
1856. [n.p. n.d.] Broadside. 1 p. 20.2 x 31 cm. (16.2 x 14
cm.) 720*
The Texas Almanac, for 1857. See Richardson & co., Galves-
ton, Texas.
Texas (Republic.) Fifth congress. Joint committee on public
Evidences in relation to land titles taken before a Joint com-
mittee on public lands, of the Congress of the late Republic of
Texas, in 1840, and the letter of S. F. Austin to the Senate of
Texas. Austin: Marshall & Oldham, state printers. 1856. 61,
[1] p. 19cm. 721
This reprint was authorized by a vote of the Senate on August 27, 1856.
RPB. TxSa. TxU (Photostat.)
Texas. Commissioner of claims. (James C. Wilson.)
Circular of the Commissioner of claims, of the State of Texas.
Austin: Printed at the Southern Intelligencer book office. 1856.
15 p. 21cm. 722
The circular is dated September, 1856.
Tx. TxU.

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