The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, July 1944 - April, 1945

Life of Gcral Don AaHude de
lier y (erda
as it affected Cexas-3exrica Relatios
Chapter V---Affairs In Texas, 1831-1832
From the date of the passage of the Law of April 6, 1830,
until his death in July, 1832, the mass of details which demanded
the attention of the commissioner of colonization made it almost
impossible for him to leave his headquarters in Matamoros for
more than a few days at a time. He was interested in the af-
fairs of Texas, and on more than one occasion made attempts
to move his headquarters into the department in order that
he might more closely supervise its administration. He rec-
ognized Stephen F. Austin's influence and importance in Texas
and repeatedly expressed a desire to see Austin and discuss
with him problems in which they both had an interest. But he
was disappointed in both desires; his only trip to Texas, after
the passage of the law, was to Galveston Bay, where he re-
mained from November 9 until November 24, 1831, super-
vising the opening of the custom house at that place and in-
stalling George Fisher as collector. Austin's illness at that
time prevented their seeing each other. When they finally met,
in May, 1832, Mier y TerAn's military duties in the service of
the federal government were so pressing that there was no
time to discuss the plans both had in mind for Texas.
When he finally realized that it would not be possible to
establish headquarters in Texas, Mier y Terin requested, as
a substitute measure, that the government purchase and place
at his disposal a small vessel to be used incidentally as a coast
guard, but primarily to make frequent trips to Texas to super-
vise its military administration. The depleted condition of the
treasury made it impossible for the government to grant this

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