The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 49, July 1945 - April, 1946

Check List of exas Jmpriits
Edited by E. W. WINKLER
Editor's Note: The following is the tenth installment of Mr. Winkler's "Check List of
Texas Imprints, 1846-1876." In the first installment, which appeared in the April, 1948,
Quarterly, Mr. Winkler requests any person having knowledge of any additional item which
should appear on the list to write him care of The University of Texas Library, Austin 12,
Texas. It is expected that any information thus received will be utilized in subsequent re-
printings of this biblography.
Andrew female college. Huntsville, Texas.
Second annual catalogue of Andrew female college, Huntsville,
Texas. 1856-7. Huntsville: Cammer & McLaughlin, 1857. 16 p.
21.5 cm. ppw. 810
Tx. HuM.
Austin college. Huntsville, Texas.
Catalogue of Austin college, at Huntsville, Walker county,
Texas. For the academical year 1856-7. Huntsville: Cammer &
McLaughlin, printers. 1857. 15 p. 20 cm. 811
TxShA. TxU. (photostat)
Memorial to the Legislature of Texas. .. [Petition for state
aid; a resume of achievements.] J. Carroll Smith, Jas. A. Baker,
W. A. Leigh, executive committee. Daniel Baker, agent. [n.p.
n.d.] Broadside. 1 p., printed in five columns. 20 x 31 cm.
(17.5 x 29 cm.) 812
Austin, Texas.
Mails. Arrivals and departures at Austin, Texas. Intel-
lingencer "Power press" print, Austin, Texas. [1857?] Broad-
side. 1 p. 32.5 x 61 cm. (27 x 54.5 cm.) 813
Mrs. H. Kersten is now receiving a select stock of spring and
summer millinery, of the latest and most fashionable styles,...
Austin, February 27, 1757 [1857.] Printed at the Southern
Intelligencer office, Austin, Texas. Folder with one page of
print. 12.5 x 20.2 cm. (11.8 x 18.3 cm.) 814

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