The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 49, July 1945 - April, 1946

Ccxas Collectio#
P RESIDENT L. W. Kemp announced the appointment of the
first Ways and Means Committee of the Association at the
Austin meeting on April 27. The Executive Council gave hearty
approval to the following persons:
LESLIE WAGGENER, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Republic
National Bank, Dallas, Chairman.
HARRY PENNINGTON, Oil Operator and Manufacturer, San Antonio.
O. H. CARLISLE, Division Manager of Gulf Oil Corporation, Houston.
GEORGE P. ISBELL, Southern Steel Company, San Antonio.
E. C. DEMONTEL, Attorney, Wichita Falls.
DAVID DONOGHUE, Consulting Geologist, Fort Worth.
DR. HENRY MARESH, The Maresh Clinic, Houston.
In general it is hoped that this group of Texas businessmen,
each one with a special interest in Texas history, will take a
business interest in the affairs of the Association. At present
we are, of course, much more concerned with possible incom-
ing funds than with the expenditure or investment of accumu-
lated funds. Accumulated funds and reserves are small, as a
glance at the Treasurer's Report in this number of the Quar-
terly will reveal. On the basis of the record it should be reason-
able to expect a larger financial support of the Association from
Texas sources.
There are, of course, hundreds of institutions in Texas worthy
of support: churches, hospitals, civic organizations, patriotic
societies, schools, and regional historical groups. Probably few,
if any, however, have operated on as restricted a budget as the
Association. Always we have kept expenses closely budgeted
against income. Dr. Barker explains that the Association has
existed for decades on a policy of "nickel nursing."
To use but a single example, one church in Texas, with a
membership smaller than that of the Association, recently
raised over $300,000. The Association has no idea of compet-
ing with any institution for funds, but there is no doubt that
with more funds we could multiply our services.
There are no hard and fast rules or metes and bounds for

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