The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 49, July 1945 - April, 1946

Charles W. Hackett, "The Marquis of San Miguel de Aguayo
and His Recovery of Texas from the French, 1719-1723," is
an associate editor of the Quarterly and head of the Institute
of Latin-American Studies at the University of Texas. The
editor of Pichardo's Treatise on the Limits of Louisiana and
Texas, Dr. Hackett last year was named a distinguished pro-
fessor of history. He is a past president of the Phi Beta Kappa
chapter at the University.
Dorothy Louise Fields, "David Gouverneur Burnet," received
her B.A. in June from the University of Texas, where she is a
member of Phi Beta Kappa. Miss Fields was a charter member
of the Junior Historians at Beaumont and was a prize winner
in the 1941 Sons of the Republic essay contest for a paper on
David G. Burnet. At present she is a tutor in government at
the University and doing work in the graduate school.
C. Stanley Banks, "The Mormon Migration into Texas", re-
sides at 230 Mary Louise Drive, in San Antonio, Texas, where
he has been engaged in the practice of law for the past thirty
years. He is a native of Caldwell, Texas. Since early youth
he has been a keen student of Texas history. In the practice
of law he has specialized in land titles from which he has
acquired a wealth of historical information about the state
and its pioneer families. He is one of the organizers and a
past president of the San Antonio Historical Association and
has appeared a number of times before luncheon clubs and
civic organizations as a guest speaker on Texas history subjects.
C. F. Arrowood, "The Election of Jefferson Davis to the
Presidency of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Tex-
as," is Professor of the History and Philosophy of Education
in the University of Texas. He takes a special interest in the
history of education in Texas.
Julia Kathryn Garrett, "Dr. John Sibley and the Louisiana-
Texas Frontier, 1803-1814," is head of the social science depart-
ment at Paschal High School and author of Green Flag over

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