The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 49, July 1945 - April, 1946

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Edited by E. W. WINKLER
Editor's Note: The following is the twelfth installment of Mr. Winkler's "Check List of
Texas Imprints, 1846-1876." In the first installment, which appeared in the April, 1943.
Quarterly, Mr. Winkler requests any person having knowledge of any additional item which
should appear on the list to write him in care of The University of Texas Library, Austin 12,
Texas. It is expected that any information thus received will be utilized in subsequent re-
printings of this biblography.
The Aransas road company.
Circular. The Aransas road company has the necessary legal
privileges, in connection with an eligible locality, on Aransas
bay, for making an important port, with the further privilege
of making a railroad from Aransas harbor to the Rio Grande.
... [An appeal for prompt support.] Pryor Lea, president of
the Aransas road company. Goliad, Texas, February 15th, 1859.
[n.p.] Broadside. 1 p. 21 x 27.3 cm. (16.5 x 23 cm.) 1115
Armstrong, James.
Some facts on the eleven league controversy. By James Arm-
strong, of Williamson county. Austin: Printed at the Southern
Intelligencer book establishment, 1859. 17 p. 23.5 cm. 1116*
TxU (photostat).
Austin college. Huntsville, Texas.
Addresses at the inauguration of Rev. Rufus W. Bailey, A. M.,
as president of Austin college, Huntsville, Texas, February 18,
1859. Houston: Printed at the Telegraph book and job estab-
lishment. 1859. 32 p., 1 1. 20.5 cm. ppw. 1117
Cover title.
CSmH. DLC. MHi. NcMHi. PPPrHi. TxDaM. TxU.
Austin collegiate female institute. Austin, Texas.
Catalogue of the trustees, faculty and students of the Austin
collegiate female institute for the year ending June 23, 1859.
Austin: Printed at the "Gazette" book and job office. 1859.
16 p. 21 cm. ppw. 1118
TxU (photostat).

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