78th Texas Legislature, First Called Session, House Concurrent Resolution 8

EREASAa ry Besder Dalasc as been cm&nd Peen
itaortt .of Texas 003, and she wi ,ll present the bone Sar State
Univer g siy of N re Dae in J uly uof this yar ; and
..ERES, Miss Bendr s u nique rg ad r lvehe .
d.istinuished he7 baton t:irl:ing per omances in cmpe i io and
have helped to earn her the tite P etee MHiss Maorete of Texas
an;d South:est Regcinal St rut and SolQ Catt"iiion and
WHEREAS, A student at Highlad Park ij. e: School, .t
talented and vivatc i-ouSs yo ung wotr .an s the daug ht et ofsj.l pro.udan
Ca r.olyn and Gary Bender; in her eisure titre, she is actively
involved with the Park Citi.es Nationa. Chari y Leagu. anc enjoys
swimmin, tennis, and skii; a:nd
WRE fEAS, Miss Bender has demonstrate exemplary dedication
in aciving this hcnor , and th h hr enhu msiasm gr ac e,. and
skill she has \ovenL herself a worthy r eipiet oif The Prteten Miss
~o Te~ as c own; now, there ore, be it
RESOL.VED, That the 78th legislaturee of zthe State of xas,
1st Ca..ed Session, hereb congratulate Carly Bender on achieJviq
the . ti. te of :Pree, M.ss i~ :orett:e of ,Texas o'9 2003 and recognize
July 21-27, 2203, as Nat.ional Baton Twirling Week; an, he t,
f S' t nhre r
PESOLVED, an a 7 Cal copy of this reslutiQ be
p.ep.are. fl:r Miss B end r as an expessio of hi4hghdeard by h

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