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Not Now

78th Texas Legislature, First Called Session, Senate Concurrent Resolution 2

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H3EREAS, Sincc this nation bi:tt, is survil hs bee
d.e.ennt in grcat measure on individuals who hv mi.e.i
r*sponsibiliti as ctizes t zeflD though service and laderhip is te
WHEREAS, E on the C ea it ti g(Cubd i] Aus!i ar eI
l. r.+>0Fvt b i+a:,sctandsshc Sp nish Amr can
War ,Wal'd at I, a&nd te Kor ean 0ar y an
and valor in World Wr II, and these men and womn lso dserve
asting sybl f this state's esteem and appreciation for their
contetb xavrery, perseverance, and sacr ifice; and
+vIERkRAS, Chapt cr 443 , Gcvcrnment. Code,: author i z:s the State
r .. ....ser. ation fior: tob paeser, , av m ii~n, an st o:r., ? a the: c r apito
.ui:,,,lding, o heir conen t s ,nd monmn ts ad memoreials" in the
WHRAS, The St at: P:csxtirnato Boar d, under::: Chap: r 443 an
oad Res, h.. As aprved a : p ro f iet gun ds or
pacD ..en of onmeent anid meor ia l h, s sub j ect o lJeg eu - ::S ltiv
ppo . valfe a r ed r sal eq- u ieen s, = , e r 5 son F..
undong a Drvae adnrs, c, plnfmtyo.n. tT tai", ,4 ize and esitgn
dlmitt n, avnd paaetr, aand complti on a tig lasis d


Texas. Legislature. Senate. 78th Texas Legislature, First Called Session, Senate Concurrent Resolution 2. [Austin, Texas]. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 2, 2016.

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