78th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, House Bill 3074, Chapter 1137

H.B. No. 3074

1 and
2 (7) be engaged in a regional [eempreha M --
3 de 4 ..meet] planning process.
4 (b) -Within funds available and in accordance with rules
5 issued by the office of the governor, a commission may use state
6 financial assistance to:
7 (1) promote intergovernmental cooperation by
8 coordinating regional plans and programs with member governments,
9 nonmember governments, state agencies which impact the region, and,
10 where state agencies have regional office structures, state agency
11 regional offices;
12 (2) function as a regional review agency under the
13 Texas Review and Comment System pursuant to state and federal
14 statutes and regulations;
15 (3) leverage commission dues, local funds, and state
16 funds to obtain maximum federal funding assistance and private
17 funding for the state and the region;
18 (4) provide assistance to local governments;
19 (5) assist state agencies and organizations in
20 developing local and regional input for state plans, in planning
21 for the successful implementation of state programs at the regional
22 level as required in Section 391.009(c), in preparing for and
23 conducting state-sponsored hearings and public meetings, and in
24 disseminating state-generated information and educational
25 materials; and
26 (6) provide assistance to state agencies and
27 organizations in developing, implementing, and assessing state

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