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Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy, 1861--1865

Averett, Samuel Wootton-Continued.
Served on C. S. S. Jackson, New Orleans station, 1861. C. S. S. General
Polk, New Orleans station, 1862. Commanding C. S. floating battery
New Orleans at the surrender of Island No. 10, April 7, 1862. Captured
April 8, 1862; exchanged September 16, 1862. C. S. S. Atlanta, (Fingal),
1862. C. S. cruiser Florida, 1862-1864; C. S. S. Lapwing (Oreto),
March 28-May 3, 1863. Detached from C. S. cruiser Florida at Bermuda,
May 12, 1864, and ordered to report to the Navy Department as bearer
of dispatches.
Aylwin, M. W.
Born in . Appointed from . Paymaster's clerk, 1862.
Served on the C. S. R. S. United States, 1862.
Bacon, James.
Born in - . Appointed from . Acting carpenter, September 27,
Served on C. S. S. Jackson, New Orleans station, 1861-62. Jackson station,
Bacot, Richard H.
Born in South Carolina. Appointed from South Carolina. Resigned as
acting midshipman, U. S. Navy, December 11, 1860. Acting midshipman,
May 16, 1861. Passed midshipman, June 1, 1861. Second lieutenant
Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864.
Served on Savannah station, 1861-62. C. S. S. Arkansas, 1862. C. S.
steamers Chicora and Stono, Charleston station, 1862.64. C. S. S.
Neuse, 1864.
Bailey, John H.
Born in Georgia. Appointed from Georgia. Third assistant engineer,
June 15, 1861. Second assistant engineer Provisional Navy, June 2,
Served on C. S. S. Atlanta (Fingal), 1861-62. Jackson station, 1862.
C. S. S. Stono, Charleston station, 1863. C. S. S. Savannah (Ooonee),
Savannah Squadron, 1863. C. S. S. Richmond, James River Squadron,
1864. Paroled May 17, 1865, Albany, Ga.
Bain, A. W.
Born in . Appointed from . Captain's clerk, December 5,
1861. Paymaster's clerk, October 29, 1862, and September 10, 1864.
Served on C. S. S. Beaufort, Richmond station, 1861-62. C. S. cruiser
Florida, 1862-63. Drewry's Bluff, Va., 1863-64. C. S. S. Chickamnauga,
Bain, Robert M.
Born in Virginia. Appointed from Virginia. Formerly carpenter U. S.
Navy. Carpenter, June 11, 1861. Carpenter Provisional Navy, June 2,
Served on Savannah station: C. S. S. Georgia, 1862; C. S. S. Sampson,
Baker, Adam N.
Born in Pennsylvania. Appointed from Florida. Formerly in U. S. Marine
Corps. Served in Virginia navy. First lieutenant Marine Corps, June 6,
1861. Deserted at Pensacola, Florida, November 13, 1861. Dropped
October 10, 1862.
Warrington Navy Yard, 1861.

United States. Office of Naval Records and Library. Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy, 1861--1865. Washington D.C.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 2, 2016.

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