Mineral Wells, Texas

A FEW TESTIMONIALS. Lee Atkinson, Frisco, Texas-"Mineral Wells Wa"Eighteen
years ago while residing at Corsicana ter cured me of what the doctors called Brights disI
was taken with a severe ,ase of neuralgia, and ease. I remained at the Wells 18 months and went
having read in a newspaper about Mineral Wells I away cured and am now in better health than I ever
lost no time in coming over. I remained a few was in my life."
weeks, drank the waters and went home cured. Of
was the cause of many invalids coming also. Sixteen
years afterwards I was again taken sick This
time it was rheumatism that had me in its firm
grasp. I came here on crutches, had no appetite and
was in a bad way. In three weeks I had thrown
away by crutches, and in three months had regained
my appetite and felt no effects of my rheumatism.
We owned a nice little home in Ellis county, but I
prevailed upon my husband to buy a little home in
Mineral Wells, where we propose to live and die.
The mineral water and hot baths cured my rheumatism
as it did my neuralgia years before. I am a
firm believer in the use of mineral waters for all diseases
except consumption and cancer."
W. J. Funkhouser, Fort Worth, Texas-"I went to
Mineral Wells in 1901 on a cot, suffering from rheu
Dr. J. M. Frazier, Belton, Texas-"I find that in
matism. I drank mineral water and took mineral constipation, indigestion, cystitis, nephritis and vabaths
and began to improve in a short time. In rious uraemic conditions, drinking freely large quanthree
months I was entirely cured and have never titles of Mineral Wells Water almost universally
had a rheumatic pain since. I owe my cure entirely brings relief. It is a safe, prompt and effectual elimto
Mineral Wells Water. inating agent."
18 19

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