Mineral Wells, Texas

one month i~n Minieral: Wells, ~ drank freely' of , Crazy
Well ::ater, and came home a well,,man, epjoy:ing
~~one month in Miner* Wells, drank freely of CrazyI am perfectly willing to have my name appear as
Well water, and came home a well n, eoyng indorsing the Crazy Well Water, for I know trom
good health, have a good appetite andi weigh 175
personal experience its value. DR. C. B. COOKE.
pounds.. WIIAM G(EE. Jacksonville, Texas.
Prescot, Ark.
Like any other watering place, Mineral Wells is
I had an attack of inflammatory rheumatism with well supplied with hotels and boarding house. he
Bright's disease. On the advice of Dr. Duringer I was visitor can obtain almost any sort he wants. Good
brought to Mineral Wells on a cot; I was lifted from board and room car be secured for 45.00 per week.
the train, carried to a boarding house, being unable If you want better accommodations you can have
to stand or dress myself. I now work at will and Milea Wel ha a vr h p bl s
feel that I have a new lease on life. I have used building, heated by steam
i of ten teachers and no town in the state of its size
Crazy Well Water freely and no 9ther.
4tt ;IA. V. RICHARDSON.' can boast of a better public school than Mineral
!~, Texas.~the by paying the price although the rates at none
of therels are five curch organizations and four cred30

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