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Mineral Wells, Texas

Over twenty years ago a public well was dug city airs. Then the railroad came and hundreds and
in this little valley and travelers from far and wide thousands of strangers from all parts of the world
were wont to camp here for days and drink of the visited the city, thus spreading its fame more and
waters. Those who were afflicted with constipation, more.
indigestion, dyspepsia, rheumatism, kidney and liver It ws discovered that the further up the valley
troubles, began to recover, and it was therefore dis
the stronger ew the waters. The milder waters
were best for kidney troubles because they were not
so laxative; and the stronger were best for liver complaints
From the latter many began the manutac~~~cove~ture
of crystals, condensed water, mineral oil, salve,
soap, etc., which are sold in all parts of the u nited
States. The carbonated waters are shipped to stomers
in carload lots, while the fresh and condensed
waters are to be found in thousands of homes
throughout Texas and other states.
covered that the waters were strongly impregnated
with various minerals and had wonderful curative ABOUT:MINERAL WATER.
properties. The fame of the well began to expand, Mineral Wells water has been almost a household
invalids began to come from other states, new wells word throughout a large portion of the country for
were bored, pavilions and hotels erected, and the town many years... This fact in'itself is a proof of its supeof
Mineral Wells cast off her town clothes and put on rior quality. The law of evolution holds good of min
eral waters not less than of organized beings. In

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