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Not Now

Mineral Wells, Texas

the struggle for life only the fittest survive. A worth
Mineral Wells Water belongs to a class of remeless
thing may be puffed into involuntary notoriety dies that are coming more and more into favor with
but a lasting reputation is acquired only by genuine practitioners of the healing art, namely: natural
merit. waters holding in solution mineral substances which
On its first introduction Mineral Wells Water at have a more or less powerful action on the economy.
once took rank as the best among the waters of its Combined as these substances are in such waters by
class, and this position it has maintained ever since. the chemistry of nature they are incomparably more
Doctors proverbially differ, but when they do agree effective than when they are mixed in exactly the
their unanimity is wonderful, and in nothing is this same proportions by the deftest dispenser. It has been
rare unanimity more strikingly displayed than in the suggested that the waters owe their peculiar activity
emphatic verdict of approval which has been return
to the magnetism and electricity with which they are
led by the medical profession of our surrounding coun-cared by the earth, in the depths of which they
try in regard to Mineral Wells Water, and nothinghave soy been, so to speak, matured.
more is needed to show that in point of medicalWhatever may be the explanation of their m;properties
it must be something quite out of the com-measurably superior efficacy, there is no doubt at all
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Imon. A still more convincing proof of the high esti
as to the fact. And where it is as easy to extract the
mation in which the Mineral Wells Water is held bysalts which chemically are the active constituents ot
!the doctors is that they not only prescribe it to theirthe wates, it is found that the virtue has, to a great
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gree of faith in its virtues that they by no means is easy enough to make a water which on chemical
it is easy enough to make a water which on chemical
have in all medic ine s which they use.
have in all medicines which they use. analysis appears to be absolutely identical, there is
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