Art Lies, Volume 1, March 1994


We need your
Let you insights trickle.
Put them to pen.
Write about U .
Write without the pretense of objectivity.
Enjoy yourself. Submit to:
Respond. Artlies Magazine
Please work with us: Houston, TX 77098
Let us know what you would like to write.
If we know it's coming, we can plan ahead.
Submit a first draft of 300 to 500 words, on a Mac disc, if possible, along with a hard copy.


Coagula "The Bicoastal Bimonthly Art Journal" is
available gratis from piles on the
floors of various not-quite- o l
mainstream galleries in New York
and L.A. Coagula doesn't have
much to say about art. But it is full by L
of sleazy gossip and whiney
complaints about art-world
personalities, and may be just
bitchy enough to entertain even
art-world outsiders. A sample
putdown of a certain well-known gallery owner:
"You think he'd take a hint from Jean Michel and
Keith. i.e., Go Die!"
Who comes up with this stuff? The copy is
horrendously written, yet savagely sincere. Is it
produced by thwarted artists, disgruntled gallery
assistants or laid-off critics? The origins and
future possibilities of this rag remain murky.=

F Thril
ucy Soutter

As the World Turns

Carroll, Don. Art Lies, Volume 1, March 1994. Houston, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed July 6, 2015.