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Not Now

Art Lies, Volume 1, March 1994

v e g a s
I want an art that is not for its own sake.
I want an art that is not science.
I want
an art that is not religion, or anything that might be construed as religion.
I want an art that is not institutional and not educational;
I want an art that is not critique.
I want an art that recruits the rhetorics of advertising,
pornography and the Rococo to the broader goals of democracy.
I want an art that aspires to the vernacular.
I w a n t A n d y b a ck.
I want pleasure and I want to win;
and I want to look at the views that intend to prevail.
I want an art of quantity, not quality;
I want an art of surplus and not economy.
I want to consume vast quantities; and I want my vitamins cut with heroin.
I want an art that everybody can look at for a time, think about even longer,
remember forever and believe for about 15 minutes.
I want an art grounded in the principles of trust, discourse, innovation
and equality that are at the heart of true commerce.
I want art that takes risks - an art that I can buy and buy into,
so I can share those risks, so I can look at it longer,
so I can exchange a piece of paper signed by a bureaucrat for one signed by a soldier of desire;
I want an art that is so fucking amazing it is illegal in the boondocks and
- believing that anything worth doing is worth doing fast and loud
I want visual rock and roll.
I want an art that loves me and wants to fuck with my head.
I want an art that is not banal, not modest, not pure, not tasteful, not boring
and not ugly.
I want gorgeous politics
- and I won't go until I get some.





I*D~4~s~o rurP~ ~

Carroll, Don. Art Lies, Volume 1, March 1994. Houston, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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