Art Lies, Volume 2, May-June 1994

ARTlies would like to thank the following
people Chris Ballou, Sean Thornton,
Kevin Mercier, Kelly Loftus, Laura
Letinsky, Frieda Katz, Kurt Cobain, Krist
Bender, Lincoln Madra, Mark Curtin.
ARTlies is looking for people to assist
us in the following areas: advertising
sales, public relations, editing, and
photography. If you have any expertise
in any of these areas and would like to
help, we want to hear from you.
Please call 523-6529.
ARTlies welcomes your letters and
other reactions. We will reprint them (if
you allow us, and if we can) in part or
in whole, in upcoming issues.
Write to:
_ , , Ilk

Chandler, Wade & Schwab, Eric Jonah. Art Lies, Volume 2, May-June 1994. Houston, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed July 4, 2015.