Art Lies, Volume 3, October-November 1994

Artlies has changed! We have adapted in order to survive. We have cut back our
production costs. We have slashed our advertising rates. We will publish an issue every two
months. The writing has become the focal point of Artlies. And we are here to stay, in order to
critique, to raise and discuss issues, to engage the community in a dialogue, and to question
everything. Why question everything? So that we may uncover any flaws in our virtues and
discover any virtues in our flaws. We refuse to be a paasive memeber of a consumer society.
And we challenge you, the public, to become active in our community and with this magazine.
Benito Huerta
Executive Director and Board Member.
Dan Allison
Margaret Bott
Rick Cagney
Benito Huerta
Lee Raymond
Benito Huerta
Chris Ballou
Kelley Loftus
Shaila Dewan
Stephanie Smith
Kevin Mercier for putting us in touch with Barbara Davis for putting us in touch with Jane Lawry
at T.A.L.A. for putting us in touch with Jay Williams at Night Rider
Night Rider for contributing the printing;
Kerry Inman for contributing the paper;
the writers for contributing.
Front cover art: Martha Bush
Back cover. Joe Allen
Mail all correspondence and money to:
P. O. Box 131013
Houston, TX 77219

Huerta, Benito; Ballou, Chris & Loftus, Kelley. Art Lies, Volume 3, October-November 1994. Houston, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 28, 2016.

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