A thumb-nail history of the city of Houston, Texas, from its founding in 1836 to the year 1912

tection and a hundred and one improvements not
enumerated, calls for an ever increasing revenue.
"In conclusion permit me to say that we do not
claim our values are absolutely correct, but we do
claim that they have been equalized as nearly as is
possible, and that if our valuation of any particular
piece of property in a block is considered too high,
at least everybody else in that block and in the block
across the street will be equally high; if we are low,
everybody in that block and across the street will
be equally low and there will be no discrimination.
We have learned that it is not so much a question in
the mind of a taxpayer whether our values are too
high or too low, so long as we assess everybody the
same, and only make the rate high enough to give
the administration sufficient money to economically
administer its affairs."
The report compiled by Building Inspector W.
X. Norris shows that during the last fiscal year of
the city permits were issued out of his office for the
construction of 1101 buildings of all kinds at an aggregate
cost of $8,997,000. The permits issued during
the previous fiscal year reached an aggregate
of $8,152,820. Besides the permanent improvements
permits were also issued last year for temporary
work, aggregating $281,875, as against
temporary work amounting to $189,270 during the
previous year.
In his report the building inspector recommends
that the electric sign ordinance be revised so as to

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