A thumb-nail history of the city of Houston, Texas, from its founding in 1836 to the year 1912

the war the engines were handled by negroes under
control of white officers.
Mr. T. W. House, Sr., who was Mayor of the
city in 1862, organized the first Houston Fire Department.
The Department was composed of Protection
No. 1, Hook and Ladder No. 2, and Liberty
No. 2. Mr. E. L. Bremond was made Chief of the
Department, and H. F. Hurd and Robert Burns
were appointed First and Second Chiefs. The Department
was not a great success and did not last
long. There was friction between the companies and
so each one pulled out and acted independently and
the Department died a natural death.
It was not until 1874 that another and successful
attempt was made to organize a Department. That
year Mr. J. H. B. House, son of the organizer of
the first Department, succeeded in getting all the
companies in the city to consent to the organization
and he formed a really strong and efficient Department.
Mr. J. H. B. House was unanimously elected
Chief, and Messrs. Z. T. Hogan and C. C. Beavens
were elected First and Second Assistants, as named.
Mr. House and Mr. Hogan resigned before the end
of their first term, and Mr. W. Williams was elected
Chief, C. C. Beavens, First Assistant Chief, and
Fred Harvey, Second Assistant
Following is a synopsis of the report of the celebration
of San Jacinto Day, taken from the files
of the Houston Telegraph of April 22, 1875. The
celebration was gotten up by the new Fire Department:

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