[Funeral Program for Aaron E. Wilkerson, May 27, 2005]

T? My J-Cushand
"you hadsome good days
you had some hiCCs to cCimh
you had some weary days
/ And some sCeep Cess nights
) 'But when you Cooked around
And thought things over
you Didn't CompCain"
you "Stayed Under the BCood' of Jesus
Because you knew that the
"BCoody/iCCNever Lose Its' Tower".
"youve been through the storms and the rain
But you made it.
you had so much heartache and pain
But you made it.
you drank from the hitter cup
you got tired
But you didn't give up
3-CaCCeCujah - 3-CaCCeCujah - you Made It!"
Now Safe In "The Arms of Jesus" you are resting
for 3~Ce Is A nesting TCace."
"J\fo More Crying "There" - you are with the ACmighty Xing!
In apCace where you wiCC"Never Qrow OCd"
In apCace where everyday is Sunday -
find Sabbath has no end.
you wiCC "Just yjaCk Around Jfeaven ACCDay."
"UntiClYe Meet Again - "My tfeart 1ViCCQo On Singing"
And cherishing aCCthe heautifuCmemories we
Shared together in Cife.
Love your IWife, MicheCCe

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