Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

92 Constitutional
Provisions and Laws Specifically
Appllicable to De v itt County
County exempted from all provisions of an act creating a more efficient
road system for counties. T A., Apr. 10, 1891, ibid., X, 151; May 25,
1899, 26th Legis., 252; Mar. 25, 1913, 33d Legis., 344,
County placed in 82d state representative district, for election of one
representative, county judge of De Witt County returning officer. T.A.,
Apr. 12, 1892, Gammel, Laws, X, 414.
County placed in 1st supreme judicial district of state, established for
purpose of organizing court of civil appeals therein; court to be held
in Galveston; terms to begin 1st Monday in October of each year and court
might continue in session until 1st Monday in July of succeeding year.
T.A., Apr. 13, 1892, ibid., X, 409.
County placed in 11th Congressional district of state, for election of
one United States Congressman. T.A., Apr. 19, 1892, ibid., X, 411.
County exempted from requirement that butchers file bond with county
clerk before setting up in business, and keep record of cattle bought
and butchered open to public inspection; that inspector or magistrate
making inspection of animals slaughtered keep record of inspections, and
return copy to county clerk. T.A., Mar. 24, 1893, ibid., X, 468; June 3,
1915, 34th Legis., 1st C.S., 35; Mar. 30, 1917, 35th Legis., 358.
County transferred from district school system to community school system.
T.A., Apr. 8, 1895, Gammel, Laws, X, 952.
District court of 24th judicial district directed to meet in county mn
15th Monday after 2d Monday in February and 1st Monday in September of
each year, and permitted to continue in session there until business
disposed of. T.A., Apr. 20, 1895, ibid., X, 812; May 22, 1897, ibid.,
County exempted from all provisions regulating control of. infectious
diseases in animals. Art. 822, Penal Code, adopted 1895, John P. White,
The Penal Code of the State of Texas (Austin, 1897); T.A., Mar. 26, 1897,
Gammel, Laws, X, 1137; Mar. 31, 1903, 28th Legis., 116.
County placed under provisions of an act prohibiting the taking of fish
from fresh water by any means except ordinary hook and line and trot
line, and prohibiting the sale of game fish. T.A., Mlay 21, 1897, GaCmnel,
Laws, X, 1273; Apr. 1, 1899, 26th Legis., 77; Sept. 23, 1901, 27th Legis.,
1st C.S., 30; Apr, 1, 1903, 28th Legis., 184; Apr. 4, 1905, 29th Legis.,
85; Apr. 5, 1907, 30th Legis., 154; Apr. 6, 1907, 30th Legis., 161; Mar.
16, 1909, 31st Legis., 95; Miar, 25, 1911, 32d Legis., 226; MIar. 25, 1913,
33d Legis., 82; Mar. 27, 1913, 33d Legis., 181.
County exempted from act providing for establishment of office of road
superintendent. T.A., Apr. 5; 1901, 27th Legis., 311.
County exempted from act providing that commissioners courts pay bounties
for scalps of wolves and other predatory wild animals. T.A., Mar. 21,
1903, 28th Legis., 113; Apr. 10, 1905, 29th Legis., 98.

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