Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

-24 (First
entry, p, 25) Abbreviations, Symbols, and Explanatory Notes
record are indicated by a comma between the inclusive dates, as 1901-6,
Numbers or letters in parentheses after the number of volumes or
file boxes indicate labeling,
Title-line cross-references are used to complete a seribs'kept
separately for a period of years, or to trace location of an'artificial
To correlate closely related records, such as original reports,
shown under the office of destination, and copies of the reports, shown
under office of origin, the third-paragraph cross-reference is used,
The third-paragraph cross-reference is also used, in some instances, to
show prior and subsequent records, where the purpose of the records is
apparently the same, but the form is different,
"See also" placed after subject headings refer to
records classified under a different, grouping within the same -ffice or
under another office, but dealing with the same subject matter.
If no statement is made concerning the condition of records, it is
assumed that they are in good condition.
Volume and file box dimensions are given in inches. Dimensions
for volumes are given in the sequence of height, width, thickness; dimensions
for file boxes, in the sequence of height, width, depth,

Historical Records Survey. Texas. Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62. San Antonio, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 24, 2016.

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