Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

30 (23-27)
Commissioners Court
23. (LOCAL OPTION ELECTION PAPERS), 1870-91. 1 f.b
Original petitions to call local option elections, orders for such elections,
and returns. Arr. chron. by date of petition. No index. Hdw.
11 x 5 x 14.
For tabulation of election returns, 1858-1907, see entry 19.
24. RECORD OF OFFICIAL BALLOTS, 1904-6. 2 vols. (1, 1). Discontinued.
Clerk's record of general election ballots delivered to precinct election
judges, showing name of presiding officers in each precinct, total number
of ballots delivered to judges, and number returned (number mutilated
or defaced, not given to voters and returned unused, defectively printed,
and voted). Arr. chron. by date of election. No index. -Hdw. pr. hd.
200 pO. 16 x 12 x 1.
25. CONSOLIDATED POLL TAX LISTS, 1926-34. 1 f. b. and 160 paoerbound
lists. No title: 1934, 160 paper-bound lists.
Lists of all certifieddvoters in the county by precincts, delivered to
election judges by the county clerk, showing names of poll tax payers,
and poll tax receipt nuTmbers or exei-mption certificate numbers. No arr.
of lists; each list arr. alph, by name of voter. No index. Typed.
Lists, 10 pp. 16 x 9 x 1; f.b., 11 x 5 x 14. 1 f.b., 1926-34, W. strm.
For registration of voters, 1865-66, see entry 26; for duplicates
of poll tax receipts, 1908--, see entry 253.
26, REGISTER OF VOTERS, 1865-66. 1 vol. Aug. 30, 1865-June 25,
1866, also in Military Record, entry 101, and in Civil (and
Criminal District Court) Minutes, entry 126.
List of voters in the county who took the dath of amnesty prescribed by
the President of the United States, and received certificates of registration
in the county, showing name of voter, date oath administered, and
date certificate issued. Arr. alph. by name of voter. No index. -H.w.
78 pp. 14 x 8 x 1.
For lists of certified voters, 1926-34, see entry 25.
Roads (See also entries 33, 49, 280, ...., 293
27. ROAD MINUTES, 1890-1925. 2 vols, (D, E).
Clerk's record of action taken by the commissioners court on road business,
showing term of court, date of action, business considered, names
of interested parties, description of road, signatures of commissioners
and presiding officer, and clerk's attest. Arr. chron. by court term.
Indexed alph, by first letter of name of road, chron. thereunder. iIdw.
617 pp. 16 x 12 x 2.
For proceedings of the commissioners court, 1846--, see entry 1; for
reports on proposed roads, 1881-91, see entry 29; for road petitions and'
orders, 1872-90, 1900-1910, see entry 30; for road election papers, 1928,
see entry 31; for road contracts, 1921-22, see entry 32.

Historical Records Survey. Texas. Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62. San Antonio, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 28, 2016.

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