Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

0 (129-1;4)
District Court
vols. Current vol., 1898-, no tit]e,
Index by names of plaintiff aad defelndlt to civil cases in Civil (and
Cri-,i lal District Court) liiuts, entry 1l and to Civil -Linutes, entry
128, each entry showing n-mc of opposite party, case number, and
reference to volume an.d )a'e . Art. ai-ph., direct by first letter of
surnaLimel of :plaintiff, reverse b-y first lett, r of surname of. defendnn t,
chrono thereunder. Hdw., pr. h:: 428) p. 16 . . 12 2.
130. MTlTl'FiJ,%C OF' TA JU'TJv LNMTS, 191r?_-. 1i vol.
Clark's record of proceedi nis o,-l action talked by contyL attorney ir district
court for deliinuenit state -and county ta1e:s, sLo 1lin. c "Iase number,
name of defendant, name of original ..rrantee, survey and certifiicate numbers,
fi lin date, d (ate of hearing, a-mout nt os{:ent
n , and costs , and
date andI al mount ofQl exrcuticon . Ar. chron. bD, court term. i1ndexe-d ailph.
by first letter ofs surname o-' cf'..-clait. chrol, Lrmci
:ll r . o , r.
hd. 400 pp. 16
12 Ux 7.
For gen-ral civil orocodar'p i 1 strict court, 188--, soe ntry
131. D 1(VORCE MI)J1T3,, , 119-
2 vols. (1 , 2)
Cler'?-s record of proceedii1, and final cispositio. n denial , or if ratede, division of oroperty
acld custody
of clhildlren)l. ) . chron. br cow!lurt t1o', Ii.ndcexed aloh.
by first etter iof surn'a of plaintiff, chreo. th r
u Chroc . Tlypest , 295
,pp. 16 x 12 x 2.
For general 1 civil procce(,din
s, 8-
sec e ntrI 1i.
1'2. EXECUTIONDOC1"-T, 18857 --. vols, (b--)).
Clerk' s record of executions issued br dis rict i court to enforce judigmernts,
sllowini; description of o:)) o-perty attaclhed, date of jtdg;ment, Mnu-Lbeo
and style ofl case, date execution issued, nm e of ):rope rtrty owner,
and sheri ff s retu-rn, Arr. chron. by date of sxecutioa l Indexed alph.
by first Letter of surname of 'i' :intiff, chron. theretunder. 18,57-19,8)8
hdw. 1-. rhd.; 1908-
typed pr. hd . 1 77 p. 16 x 11 a: 2.
For original executions issued, 1.874--, see ent ry 1 3.
1'55. SX1ECIT'IO4S (Papers), 1874 ---. 5,5,99 inst-rumelnts (nos,. 1,6987,296)
in a 'f b
Original executions i ssued to enforce judgments rendered b J ist ri ct
court, showing nLumber and style of case, descriti on of property, date
and amount of jucdaLgnent, date execution issued, name o
officer to whom
delivered and signature of district clerAk. Arr, numor. byx executi on
no. No index. .-0 ; 187-t1 8 d; 198-
tyned, 11 5 x 14.
For clerk's record oi execlutions issued, 1857--, see entry 1.3,2.
1,4. ORDEIR OF SAIl DOCiKET DLIIsJLNT TAXiELS, 1917-2-7. 1 vol. (1).
Clerks? record of order..s of sale issued to collect; jrtudigments in delinquenrt
tax suits in district court, showing number and style of case,

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