Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

5 (153-1
56) District Court
county jails to home-count,
tjLil, showing
name of defendant, charge,
name of jail in which ithe defendant is confirmed, name ran( title o offi-cer
to whom writ is directed, date writ issued, anc court order to produce
defendant. Arr. chron. by date issued. No index. dw. pr. fi!.
120 pp-. 153 x 10 x 1.
Natural i a t i on
(See also entries 207-209) )
15S. NATT RALIZATION PAPERS 1855-95. 1 f..b
Original petitions and declarations of intention to become citions of
the lUnited States, with oaths and affidavits of witnesses, shoTwi ng name,
age, sex, anOd ,lationaliity o a cnf a icnt, date and port of arrival, and
years of residence in Texas; also 5,477 in currency of t.he Confederate
States of Anmerica. Arr. chron. by filing date. No% index. HdwiW. and hCdw.
pr. fm. Currency scorched by fire, 11 x 5 14.
1514. RECORD OF DECLARATION OF INTENIION, 19061-3. 6 vOls Discontinued;
hearings transferred t)o United States District Court
for Southern District of T"ex
s, by order of F b. 4, 1932.
Declarations of intentional to) became citizens of the United State ts with
oaths of allegiance to the 'nited States alnd renunciitl ions of l legiaunce
to former kl, n, prince, or poetentate, showing name, age, sex, and nationality
of declarant,, date of cdeclara tioni, date anld -port of arrival inl
United States, and witnesses' oaths to lengI;t of residence and moral
character of appl ic nt, A-r. chron. by date of declaration. Indexed
alph. by first letter of surname of deeln1, ra-t, chlron, thereunder. Hdw.
pr. frn. 93 pp. 1 x 8 xi 1.
155. CERTIFICA:E OF NTURLI,1T93, 1 8l37-1932, 1 vols. Discontinued;
see entry 154.
Stubs of naturalization certificates issued by the d istrict court, showina
oath of renunciation of former allegiance; name, aoe, sex, and former
nationality of naturalized citizen; oaths of two witnesses to moral charactor
ancd irn proo-f of residence in Urnited States for imnre than five years
and in Texas not less than one year. Arr. nlumler. by certificate no. Indexed
alph. by first letter of surname of naturalized citizen, chron.
thereunder, iHd. or. f m. 88 pp? 10 x 10 x
156. NATURALIZATION RCORD, 1890-1952. 4 vols. (1-4). Title
varies: Final Naturali nation, 19228, 1 vol. (3). Discontinued;
see entry 154.
Record of proceedings orn petitions for naturalizattion in district court,
showing name and address of petitioner for naturalization, coyI of petition,
date heard, date granted, and signatures of district judge and
district cleric. Arr. chron. by date of hearing. Indexed alph. by first
letter of surname of petitioner, chron. thereunder. Hdw. pr. fr. . 100
pp. 17 :x 12 x 2.
For general civil proceedings, 1846--, see entries 126, 128.

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