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Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

64 (207-212)
County Court
Naturalization; Jury Service; Fees and Costs
(See also entries 153-156)
207. DECLtARATIONiS AND PETITIONS (Case Papers), 1882-1929. 1 f.b.
Original petitions and declarations for citizenship, showing name and
nationality of applicant, date and port of entry, names of character witnesses,
oath of allegiance, renunciation of former allegiance, and signatures
of applicant and witnesses. Arr. chron. No inde:. Hdw. )r. fm.
11 5 x 14.
For recorded copies of declarations of intention, 1892-1906, see
entry 208.
208. DECLLARATION OF INTENTIION, 1892-1906. 1 vol.
Recorded copies of declarations of intention to become citizens, showing
name of applicant, date filed, names of character witnesses, and renunciation
of former allegiance. Arr. chron. by recording date. Indexed
alph. by first letter of surname of ap-,licant, chron. thereunder. Hldw.
pr. fm. 420 pp. 18 x 14 x 2.
For original declarations, 1882-1929, see entry 207.
Clerk's record of final proceedings in naturatli7ation cases in county
court, showing name of alien, certificate number, date of application,
date of hearing, and action of the court, wTith signatures of county judge
and clerk. Arr. chron. by date of hearing. Inde-xed alph. by first letter
of surname of applicant, chron. thereunder . pr. fr. 420 pp.
18 x 14 x 2.
For general proceedings of county court, 1 .87-7 76--, see entry
Jury Service
210. JURY BOOK, 1858-61. 1 vol.
Lists of jurors drawn for service in civil and criminal cases in county
court. Arr. chron. No index. Hdw. 300 p. 14 x 8 x 2.
211. JURY WAtRRNTS (Stubs), 189--. 17 vols.
Stubs of warrants issued by county clerk to jurors for services in county
court, showing name of juror, court term, days served, amount oaid, and
number of warrant issued. Arr. numer. by warrant no. No index. iHdwo
pr. fm. 160 pp. 16 ix 14 x i. 15 vols., 1894-1935, W. str;m.
Fees and Costs
212. PROBATE FEE BOOK, 1851-54, 1867--. 6 vols. (A, 1-5).
Accounts of fees earned by officers in probate court, showing case number,
name of estate, ward, or lunatic, items and amounts of fees earned
by county judge, sheriff, and county clerk Arr. chron. by date of first
fee. Indexed alph. by first letter of surname of estate, ward, or lunatic,
chron, thereunder. Idw. pr. hd. 156 pp. 16 x 11 x 1.

Historical Records Survey. Texas. Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62. San Antonio, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 1, 2016.

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