Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

67 County
Attornoy (224--328)
Original inqluest papers, including reports, witness testimony, drucggists'
affidavits as to poison and alcohol sold, verdicts, warrants for arrest,
and commitment of suspects. Arr. chron. by filing date. io index. i1(Tw.
and hdw. "or. rfi. 11 x 5 x 1l. D.C. va.
225. INQUEST RECORD, 1876--. 5 vols.
Record of inquests held by justices in precinct 1, shoTing name, age, sex,
and nationality of deceased person, place and date body found, date of
inquest, testimony of witnesses, findings of justice, and items of fees
and costs. Arr,. chon. h by dL-te of inquest. Indexed alph. by, first letter
of surname of decreased, chron. . L. pr0 p. 16 x
10 x 1.
Outlying Precincts
226, CRIMINAL DOC3'T, 1895-1l925. vols.
Retired criminal dockets from justice precincts outside county seat, filed
for record with county clerk, showing name of defendant, number of case,
charge, filing date, date of arrest, amoluntt oli fine, and items of justice's,
sheriff's, county attorney's, and. constable s fees. Arr. chron.
by filing (date No ind-ex. Hdw. r. .h d. 150 pp . 16 x 11 x 1. C.C. va.
227. JUSTIO 'S I EE BO01K, 18836-1912. 9 vols. Title varies: J. P.
Record, 1886-95, 2 vols.; Ledger, 190-', 1 vol.
Accounts of fees charged in civil, criminal, ard examining trial cases,
and inquests, shovwring number and style of case, and items of fees (ue
justice, constable, and county attorney. Ar . chron. by date of entry.
Indexed al-h. by first letter of surnarile of plaintiff in civil cases, and
of defendant in criminal cases, chron . thereunder. 11aw. pr. hd. 157 pp.
14 x 8 x 1..
(See also entries 1 32, 130, 140, 147, 160,
213, 217, 210, 220, 222 226, 227)
228 . JOURjNAL, 19 51--. 1 vol.
Accounts of fines and fees due and paid county attorney in justice and
county court cases, showing court of origin, number and style of case,
name of defendant, date of trial, amounts assessed and collected, and
date of payment. Arr. chron. INo index. -. w. pr. hd. 630 p . 15 x 12
x 2. County attorney's off.

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