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Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

81 County
School Superintendent
Census; T'eachers (305-311)
Individual transcripts of credits earned by each common school graduate,
prepared for graduate to present for college entrance, showing na-me of
student, grade in each subject, name of teacher, and number of common
school district attended. Arr. alph. by name of graduate. No index.
Hdv?. pr. fm,. 12 x 9. SS. off.
Record of graduates of common schools, showing name, age, sex, and school
of graduate, date of graduation, and college credits earned, Arr. chron.
by graduation date. No index. 11 x 5 x 14,
rf.k~ 307. FA1'ILY CENSUS BLANINS, 1910--. 4 f.b. and 8 wooden boxes.
Original census papers of tho scholastic population of the county for
common and independent schools, showing name of school, name of child,
date and place of birth, age, sex, and color, name of parent or guardian,
and date attested with signature of enumerator. Arr. chron. by years.
No index. Hdw. pr. fm. Boxes, 12 x 12 x 8; f.b,, 11 x 5 x 14. 8 boxes,
1910-33, W. strm.
308. CENSUS ROLLS (Consolidated Scholastic), 1924--. 24 vols.
Summaries of scholastic censuses of the 70 common school, and 4 independent
school districts of the county, showing name and number of school,
name, age, sex and color of scholastic, name of enumerator, certification
of county school superintendent, and attest of county treasurer. Arr.
chron. by years. No index. Typed pr. fr. 96 pp. 13 x 9 x 1.
309. ROLL OF SCHOLASTIC POPULATION, 1897-1924. 27 vols.
Rolls of scholastics for each year, showing name, sex, age, and color of
pupil, residence and place of birth of parents, name and number of school,
oath of parent or guardian, and signature of census taker. Arr, chron.
by years. ,No index. Hdw. pr. fm. 70 pp. 14 x 8 x 1. C.C. va.
310. RECORD OF TEACHERS' CERTIFICATES, 1920--. 2 vols. (1, 2).
Record of certificates held b^
teachers who are employed in conmnon
schools, showing name and address of teacher, type and grade of certificate,
date issued, where and by what authority issued, and date of expiration.
Arr. chron. by date issued. No index. Hdwl. r. fr. 280 pp.
13 x 10 x 2.
r311. TEACHERS C01NTRACTS, 1935--. 2 f.b.
Original contracts between county board of school trustees and teachers
in common schools, showing name of teacher, name and number of school,
term contracted. for, salary to be paid, date contract made, and date of
expiration. Arr. alph. by name of teacher. No index, HdTw. pr. fm. 11
x 5x 14.

Historical Records Survey. Texas. Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62. San Antonio, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 3, 2016.

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