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Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62

88 Constitutional
Provisions and Laws Specifically
Applicable to De i/Jitt County
Guadalupe Manufacturing Company incorporated, with M. T. Johnson, John
S. Slaughter, William Misseiger, and their associates and successors; a
factory for manufacture of cotton and wool rolls, and a grist flour
mill. T.A., May 28, 1864, ibid., V, 796. By amendment, also a sawmill.
T.A., Nov. 14, 1864, ibid., 841.
County placed in 4th Congressional district of state, for election of
one United States Congressman. T.A., Sept. 8, 1866, ibid., V, 926.
Sale of vinous or spirituious liquors prohibited within 4 miles of
college buildings in village of Concrete, on penalty of $50 to $100 on
complaint of any De Witt County citizen before a justice of the peace-one-half
the sum payable to county treasury for schools, one-half payable
to party complaining; trustees of Concrete College directed to have
4-mile line surveyed. T.A., Sept. 26, 1866, ibid., V, 933.
County in 10th judicial district of state. T.A., Oct. 11, 1866, ibid.,
V, 944.
District court of 10th judicial district directed to meet in county on
8th Mondays after 1st Mondays in February and August of each year, and
permitted to continue in session there 2 weeks. T.A., Nov. 12, 1866,
ibid., V, 1093.
Appeals and writs of error from De Witt County returnable to the supreme
court holding sessions at Galveston, Texas. T.A., Nov. 12, 1866, ibid,,
V, 1117; Apr. 2, 1874, ibid., VIII, 51; Apr. 9, 1883, ibid., IX, 359;
Mar. 26, 1885, ibid., IX, 670; Apr. 13, 1891, ibid., X, 82.
County placed in 5th military district and 9th brigade district by act
organizing state troops. T.A., Nov. 13, 1866, ibid., V, 1154.
County placed in 4th Congressional district of state. Declaration in
constitutional convention, convened June 1, 1868, ibid., VII, 428.
San Antonio Express authorized to publish, in form of "Extras," copies
of as much of state constitution as had been adopted by the convention,
for distribution in county. Declaration in constitutional convention,
passed Aug. 26, 1868, ibid., VI, 55.
County placed in 24th state senatorial and representative district, for
election of one senator and three representatives, chief justice of
Victoria County returning officer. Const., 1869, adopted Nov. 30, 1869,
Art. III, sees. 39-41, ibid., VII, 404; T.A., Apr. 24, 1873, ibid., VII,
Distance from Clinton, county seat, to Austin and return scheduled as
208 miles; distance to be used by comptroller in allowing legislators'
mileage accounts. Concurrent resolution, May 15, 1870, ibid,, VI, 409.
County placed in 22d judicial district of state. T.A., July 2, 1870,
ibid,, VI, 196.

Historical Records Survey. Texas. Inventory of the county archives of Texas : De Witt County, no. 62. San Antonio, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 29, 2016.

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