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Not Now

Minutes of the Leon River Baptist Association, 1871

The Report on Temperance was read and adopted, as fol-
It affords us pleasure to report to this Association, that a goodly num-
ber of the brethren have given much attention to the promotion of the
cause of Temperance during the past year. But, alas, it pains us to
say, there are many brethren, who though perhaps possessing very great
merit, otherwise are as stumbling blocks in the way of Temperance
We suppose what we should say should have reference to the use of
intoxicating liquors, and as our suggestions may be advisory, we desire
to substitute for temperate use " total abstinence." We believe total
abstinence to be the only consistent course for any brother to pursue,
who professes a desire to do the greatest possible amount of good du-
ring his allotted time upon earth. All who drink intoxicating beverages,
by their example and influence encourage others to drink; and so be-
come in no small degree responsible for the evil that may result from
their example. No one can drink without influencing others to drink,
and if they drink so as to be ruined, he whose example was the occasion
of their drinking must be accountable for the result of their influence in
this respect. He was not duly mindful of the apostolic injunction, that
no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother's way,
nor did he imitate an apostle's noble philanthropy avowed, when he
said: " If meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the
wor!d standeth, lest I make my brother to offend." His practice en-
couraged others to impair and destroy themselves, and he must answer
for his selfish indulgence.
I am seen drinking that which may intoxicate, and some one who is
struggling to overcome the power of appetite, concludes that if I can just-
ify myself in this, he may also do the same, and that conclusion may in-
volve his ruin. Now, who can say that in this case, I am not a partner
of his sin in thus destroying himself; and who will attempt to show that
it is a small share which I have in the sin of that victim of my pernicious
example which caused him to fall, as he might not otherwise have
And with even more truth may it be said, that he who Sells to those
who drink is a partaker of their sin in drinking. Those who sell in ox-
icating beverages, directly contribute to the almost unparalleled evil
caused by drinking. But for the places where the deadly drams are sold,
and persons by whom they are sold, there would be little or no drinking.
Hie who provides and occupies a place for this purpose, is responsible for
the ruin thus wrought.

Leon River Baptist Association (Tex.). Minutes of the Leon River Baptist Association, 1871. Houston, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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