81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, Senate Bill 1442, Chapter 84

S.B. No. 1442
1 . (1) prescribing procedures for calling a meeting .of
2 the governing persons;
3 (2) establishing minimum requirements for
4 participation at the meeting of the governing persons; and
5 (3) designating additional or substitute governing
6 persons.
7 (b) The emergency provisions must be adopted in accordance
8 with:
9 (1) the requirements of the governing documents; and
10 (2) the applicable provisions of this code.
11 Sec. 3.253. EFFECT OF EMERGENCY PROVISIONS. The emergency
12 provisions adopted under Section 3.252 take effect only in the
13 event of an emergency. The emergency provisions will no longer be
14 effective after the emergency ends.
16 DOCUMENTS DURING EMERGENCY. A provision of an entity's governing
17 documents that is consistent with the emergency provisions adopted
18 under Section 3.252 remains in effect during an emergency.
19 Sec. 3.255. EFFECT OF ACTION TAEN. An action of a domestic
20 entity taken in good faith in accordance with the emergency
21 provisions:
22 (1) is binding on the entity; and
23 (2) may not be used to impose liability on a managerial
24 official, employee, or agent of the entity.
25 1 SECTION 5. Section 4.005, Business Organizations Code, is
26 amended by adding Subsections (d) and (e) to read as follows:
27 (d) Subject to any qualification stated in the certificate,

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