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Not Now

81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, Senate Bill 1442, Chapter 84

S.B. No. 1442
1 borrowings of the limited partnership;
2 (5) calling, requesting, attending, or participating
3 in a meeting of the partners or the limited partners;
4 (6) winding up the business of a limited partnership
5 under Chap tei 11 and Subchapter K of this chapter;
6 I (7) taking an action required or permitted by law to
7 bring, pursue, settle, or otherwise terminate a derivative action
8 in the right of the limited partnership;
9 (8) serving on a committee of the limited partnership
10 or the limited partners; or
11 (9) proposing, approving, or disapproving, by vote or
12 otherwise, one or more of the following matters:
13 (A) the winding up or termination of the limited
14 partnership;
15 (B) an election to reconstitute the limited
16 partnership or continue the business of the limited partnership;
17 (C) the sale, exchange, lease, mortgage,
18 assignment, pledge, or other transfer of, or granting of a security
19 interest in, an asset of the limited partnership;
20 , (D) the incurring, renewal, refinancing, or
21 payment or other discharge of indebtedness by the limited
22 partnership;
23 (E) a change in the nature of the business of the
24 limited partnership;
25 (F) the admission, removal, or retention of a
26 general partner;
27 ! (G) the admission, removal, or retention of a

Texas. Legislature. Senate. 81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, Senate Bill 1442, Chapter 84. [Austin, Texas]. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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