81st Texas Legislature, Regular Session, Senate Bill 1442, Chapter 84

S.B. No. 1442
1 (G) for a [*egq eeee4] limited liability
2 partnership, a name other than the name stated in its application
3 filed with the office of the secretary of state or a ccmparabie
4 document; and
5 (H) for a limited liability company, a name other
6 than the name stated in its certificate of formation or a comparable
7 document.
8 (4) "Company" means a real estate investment trust, a
9 joint-ktock company, or any other business, professional, or other
10 association or legal entity that is not incorporated, other than a
11 partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, I.o
12 ]egse.ed] limited liability partnership, or foreign filing
13 entity.
14 (6-a) "Foreign filing entity" means an entity formed
15 under the laws of a jurisdiction other than this state that
16 registers or is required by law to register with the secretary of
17 state to conduct business or render professional services in this
18 state under Chapter 9, Business Organizations Code.
19 (7) "Office" means:
20 (A) for a person that is not an individual or that
21 is a corporation that is not required to or does not maintain a
22 registered office in this state, the person's:
23 (i) principal office; and
24 (ii) principal place of business if not the
25 same as the person's principal office; and
26 (B) for a corporation, limited partnership,
27 [[*e9desee4] limited liability partnership, [ee] limited liability

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