Stirpes, Volume 34, Number 1, March 1994

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of Dalriada, from 834-837. He was born around 778 and he was killed in the Battle of
Galloway on July 20, 841.
Alpin Mac Eochaid descended from a line of Kings of Dalriada. His ancestor was
Eochaid Buide, the King of Picts and of Dalriada from 608-629. Eochaid was educated by St.
Columa who brought Christianity to the Kingdom of Dalriada. Eochaid was the younger son of
Aiden who succeeded him as his older brothers had been killed. Eochaid died in 629, having
ruled Dalriada from 608-629.
Aiden's grandfather was Dromangart, who married Feldelm Foltchain (Fedelmia). He
died around 504. His father was Fergus Mor Mac Ercc, King of Dalriada, Argyle, Scotland
498-ca. 501. He invaded Kintyre in 496 and founded the Kingdom of Scottish Dalriada. He
died in 501.
The earliest known of Grandpa's ancient Scottish and Irish ancestors was Eochaid
Munrevar, King of Irish Dalriada, who died before 439, and probably married Erca, daughter
of Laorn, son of Eru.
All my efforts over twenty years to trace my other family surnames have been with
varying degrees of success. Nothing equals the way Grandpa's pedigree has come to light; in
fact, it has almost been revealed to me through several printed pedigrees. What would Grandpa
have thought about his noble and royal roots? Would his family have seen him in quite a
different light? To me, anyway, he would be Sir Grandpa.
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