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Stirpes, Volume 34, Number 1, March 1994

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Pct. 2: Rumardino Ruiz
Rafael Calixto de la Garza: Jan. 6, 1841
Marcos Veramendi: Jan. 21, 1841
DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF 4th Judicial district
Dec. 19, 1836 John Ricord (left Republic, seat declared vacant December 5, 1837)
Dec. 11, 1837 Cornelius Van Ness
Jan. 8, 1839 John D. Morris
Feb. 4, 1840 John D. Morris
Dec. 23, 1840 John D. Morris
Jan. 18, 1842 C.W. Peterson
Feb. 5, 1844 John D. Anderson
Jan. 21, 1845 Thomas Newcomb
Feb. 2, 1839: Joseph L. Hood (killed March 19, 1840, at original Court House (former Casas
Reales facing east side of Main Plaza) during the Council House Fight between local officials, military,
and Comanche Indians.
March 19, 1840: George T. Howard (joined Santa Fe Expedition as second-in-command offive
military companies accompanying the delegates which set off June 19, 1841, for New Mexico. The entire
group numbering some 321 men were arrested without a struggle on September 17 and October 5, 1841.
The men -- including Jose Antonio Navarro and sheriff Howard -- were sent to prison in Mexico but
Howard eventually escaped and returned to reclaim his office.
Feb. 6, 1843: Franklin Lafitte Paschal (resigned May 12, 1843)
May 27, 1843: George T. Howard
July 2, 1845: George T. Howard (served through Aug. 7, 1858)
The material contained in this chronological study of elected and appointed Bexar County
official, 1837-1846, during the Republic of Texas, was derived (1) from the records on file at the Texas
State Archives and (2) local Bexar County records. For published incomplete lists, please see:
(a) Secret Journals of the Senate of the Republic of Texas; 1836-1845 (i.e. 1st. through 9th
Congresses), (Texas Library and Historical Commission, Austin, 1911).
(b) Compiled Index to Elected and Appointed Officials of the Republic of Texas 1836-1846
(Austin, 1981).
Richard G. Santos, former Bexar County Archivist, is now serving as chairman of the Bexar
County Historical Commission. Correspondence regarding this material should be addressed to him at,
P.O. Box 29585, San Antonio, TX, 78229.



MARC ' 1Q94

Texas State Genealogical Society. Stirpes, Volume 34, Number 1, March 1994. San Antonio, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed April 30, 2016.

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