The Totem, Yearbook of McMurry College, 1959

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P. E. SHOTWELL, director of athletics at McMurry
College, came to the Resevation on June 1, 1956.
He began his coaching career at Cisco, after graduation
from West Texas State College. In his coaching
career he has won State Championships at
three different schools, Abilene, Breckenridge and
Longview. Many refer to Shotwell as the Dean of
Texas High School Coaches.
TOMMY ELLIS, head football coach, is an ex-McMurry
varsity athlete in three sports, football,
basketball and baseball. Ellis returned to the Reservation
as basketball coach in 1955 and became
head football coach the following year.
STAN BURNHAM, basketball coach, came to the
Reservation in 1956. A graduate of Daniel Baker,
Burnham's real success at McMurry has come as
head basketball coach. He has recruited several
outstanding players, and practically rebuilt the

cage sport at McMurry. Burnham came to McMurry
from Ranger Junior College, where he was
athletic director and head football and head basketball
GRANT TEAFF, became head track coach and
football assistant at McMurry in 1957. Teaff is a
1956 graduate of McMurry and one of the college's
top athletes of recent years. Track has a new place
on the Reservation from Teaff's efforts. He has done
a great job of recruiting and team building.
PAUL GOTHARD, a former varsity basketball
player at McMurry, was named freshman cage
coach last season. His freshman unit last year compiled
one of the best won-lost skeins in several
seasons. A graduate student, Gothard worked
closely with Head Coach Burnham during the '59


McMurry College. The Totem, Yearbook of McMurry College, 1959. Abilene, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 29, 2016.

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